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Unity 3D plugin on Chrome, try another Browser. 

Here is a nice high-res screen in the meanwhile.

Super Sampling SSAA for Unity

0.5 - 2
1.25 - 2
2 - 3
2 - 4
 2 - 4



0.5 - 2
1.25 - 2
2 - 3
2 - 4
2 - 4





Our Sampling Algorithms:                                                                                                       Multiplier Recommendation


- Nearest Neighbor          - Fastest, and with sharpest look and edges.
- Bilinear Sharper            - compromise between the soft Bilinear and sharp NN
- Bilinear Default              - a softer image
- Bilinear High                  - a softer image, optimized for high scaling
- Lanczos High                 - smoothest image, optimized for high scaling



Algorithms may not look optimal if not used in recommended multiplier range.

1.25x - 2x SSAA Multipliers could be considered "Normal usage" , 2 is pristine already, 3+ is not recommended.






Q: Why SSAA over Unity MSAA ?


SSAA provides strongly superior image quality. SSAA works on all pixels on your screen, you can even potentially

Super Sample your UI. MSAA does not work with state of the art Deferred rendering, neither with HDR enabled. MSAA only improves geometry edges, no specular/reflection highlights, does not make your textures look sharper

can not handle transparency and has issues with shadows. Make sure to check out the other scene in the viewer!


Q: What about 2D Games ?


SSAA can make your 2D sprites equally sharper and increase percieved sprite texture resolution but it depends

on the sprites. It is not suited for pixel art but can help a lot with high-res sprites and transparency.


Q: What do I have to do to make it work ?


Simply add the script to your Unity camera(s) and press play, that's all!



SSAA provides unmatched image quality, improves textures, sharpens geometry, transparency

and reduces moirée effects tremendously. Uses exactly as much performance as you allow it to.

If you want the very best - Super Sampling!


The Multiplier controls the strength and performance impact of the effect and is fully scalable to your desire!

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