Super Messy WIP footage, sorry!

2 Man Team from Berlin, 1.5 years Dev time so far

Shown is a small part of the first floor

Watch in 60 FPS

Epillepsy warning!


- Hardcore Rogue-Lite Shooter

- Intense feedback and difficulty

- Permadeath & Random generation

- Unique weapon mechanics

and a lot more!


The Deadline caught us by surprise in mid of

reworking the environments and enemies but

we will totally deliver for gamescom!


- Eric & Alex





Flow Fire Games


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Alexander Luck


Thats me I guess.

Eric Alex. Krutten



Software Dev Company

We are Flow Fire Games

Located in Berlin, Germany.

Business / Programming

I am the sane part of the company

and don't notice when Eric edits my description all the time. Kek.

Game Design, UX, Art

I come up with crazy things and

try not to add too much feature creep!

Also doing project consultations!


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