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Here are our Unreal and Unity assets!

Good stuff.

Get notfied about new Assets and Games!

Good looking And wise !


Color Grading LUT Pack for Unity

The highest quality LUTs for your

Color Grading pleasure.


Noise Texture Pack

Crazy and natural Procedual

Noise / Mask Textures in 2048x2048

A perfect library for any CG Artist!


Cinema 4D Modeling Palette Interface

Master Modeling Palette for Cinema 4D

All your modeling tools in one place

and more.

OUTDATED: Portfolio Only

Super Sampling SSAA

SSAA - High End Anti-Aliasing

and rendering upgrade for Unity!

If you want the very best..

Editor Plus Unity Asset

The Unity Editor Extension for everyone!

Comes with Shortcuts, Favorites, History

and the Hotbar!


Major changes: (Ascending):


Super Sampling - no longer compatible with the new Unity 5 version. RIP.

Plus Hotbar - Now available for free!

Plus Hotbar - Just released! You can now get the Hotbar independently from Editor Plus.

Bugfixing and polishing updates for Editor Plus and Super Sampling just released.

Editor Plus v1.3 - Big update with many improvements, fixes and features out now!

Color Grading Pack v1.4 - Adds new Color Blindness simulation LUTs

Super Sampling v1.3 - Oculus Rift (OVR) compatibility, various improvements and fixes

Editor Plus v1.2 - History Improvements, Added tooltips & Unity 4+ version, fixes and more

Editor Plus v1.1 - Many improvements and adds the new Hotbar window

Color Grading Pack v1.3 - Unity Package 4.5.5+ Support, new documentation and new Video preview

Super Sampling v1.2 - Update live, completely rewritten, various fixes and adds many new features

Editor Plus - Released! Out now on Unity Asset Store

Camo Pack - Now also available on Unreal Marketplace

Color Grading Pack v1.2 - Added new LUT textures for 130 in total and full Amplify Color support 

Super Sampling v1.1 - Improved Multi Camera handling, fixed a leftover bug regarding transparency 

Color Grading Pack v1.1 - Added 15 new LUT textures



What would you like to see in upcoming updates ? Feedback ? We'd love to hear from you!


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